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Rod & Bar

Rod & Bar

Rod & Bar handles wide choice of design from stock.
We have added some new designs to our range of bar handles please talk a few minutes to view them
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Angled boss, bar handle

Angled boss, bar handle

Angled Boss bar handle.

Available in 11 lenghts finished in Brushed nickel.

  • 128mm centres 163mm long
  • 160mm centres 195mm long
  • 184mm centres 219mm long
  • 284mm centres 319mm long
  • 357mm centres 392mm long
  • 456mm centres 491mm long
  • 592mm centres 635mm long
  • 700mm centres 735mm long
  • 775mm centres 810mm long
  • 860mm centres 895mm long
  • 1125mm centres 1160mm long
  • Thickness 30mm
  • Projection 42mm


Aries, bar handle, aluminium

Aries, bar handle, aluminium


  • Available in 7 sizes 
  • Finish Brushed nickel
  • sizes are.
  • 144mm [C] 160mm [L] 12mm Bar 34mm [P]
  • 198mm [C] 214mm [L] 12mm Bar 34mm [P]
  • 294mm [C] 310mm [L] 12mm Bar 34mm [P]
  • 358mm [C] 374mm [L] 12mm Bar 34mm [P]
  • 458mm [C] 474mm [L] 12mm Bar 34mm [P]
  • 486mm [C] 502mm [L] 12mm Bar 34mm [P]
  • 582mm [C] 598mm [L] 12mm Bar 34mm [P]
SKU: SKU673122


Barrel, rod handle

Barrel, rod handle

Barrel rod handle.

Available in three lenghts.and two finishes

  • 160mm centres 184mm long
  • 320mm centres 344mm long
  • 480mm centres 504mm long
  • Available in two finishes.
  • Brushed nickel/brushed nickel or Chrome/brushed nickel

save 70%

RRP: £8.99


Quantity Out of stock
Chamfered cylinder handle

Chamfered cylinder handle

Chamfered cylinder handle

Finish Brushed nickel.

Available in the following sizes:

WJS85960-BN 160mm (c) 196mm (l) 18mm (diabar)

WJS85924-BN 224mm (c) 296mm (l) 18mm (diabar)

WJS85920-BN 320mm (c) 396mm (l) 18mm (diabar)

WJS85916-BN 416mm (c) 496mm (l) 18mm (diabar)

WJS85980-BN 480mm (c) 546mm (l) 18mm (diabar)

WJS85912-BN 512mm (c) 596mm (l) 18mm (diabar)

SKU: SKU26785


Drop bar handle

Drop bar handle

Drop bar handle in 5 lengths:

Finish Brushed nickel:

WJS80160-BN - 160mm (c) 170mm (l)

WJS80124-BN - 224mm (c) 234mm (l)

WJS80120-BN - 320mm (c) 330mm (l)

WJS80184-BN - 384mm (c) 394mm (l)

WJS80180-BN - 480mm (c) 490mm (l)

SKU: SKU26786


Fusion, Oval handle

Fusion, Oval handle

Fusion, Oval handle available in 5 lengths.

WJS81160, 160mm [C] 202mm [I] 29mm [T] 29mm [P]
WJS81120, 320mm [C] 362mm [I] 29mm [T] 29mm [P]
WJS81180, 480mm [C] 522mm [I] 29mm [T] 29mm [P]
WJS81140, 640mm [C] 682mm [I] 29mm [T] 29mm [P]
WJS81136, 736mm [C] 778mm [I] 29mm [T] 29mm [P]

Available in Brushed nickel /Aluminium, Chrome / Aluminium, Black chrome / Aluminium
SKU: SKU26781


Quantity Out of stock
Key hole bar handle

Key hole bar handle

Key hole bar handle

Finished in Brushed nickel.

Available in 10 lengths.

WJS79207-BN 128mm (c) 152mm (l) 22mm (diabar) 43mm (p)

WJS79208-BN 156mm (c) 180mm (l) 22mm (diabar) 43mm (p)

WJS79202-BN 160mm (c) 184mm (l) 22mm (diabar) 43mm (p)

WJS79201-BN 186mm (c) 210mm (l) 22mm (diabar) 43mm (p)

WJS79209-BN 256mm (c) 280mm (l) 22mm (diabar) 43mm (p)

WJS79210-BN 306mm (c) 330mm (l) 22mm (diabar) 43mm (p)

WJS79211-BN 356mm (c) 380mm (l) 22mm (diabar) 43mm (p)

WJS79212-BN 456mm (c) 480mm (l) 22mm (diabar) 43mm (p)

WJS79215-BN 632mm (c) 656mm (l) 22mm (diabar) 43mm (p)

WJS79217-BN 756mm (c) 780mm (l) 22mm (diabar) 43mm (p)

SKU: SKU26791


Parallel, bowed rod handle

Parallel, bowed rod handle

  • Available in 7 sizes
  • Available in Brushed nickel,Chrome or Satin chrome
  • 96mm centres 109mm long
  • 128mm centres 147mm long
  • 160mm centres 189mm long
  • 192mm centres 227mm long
  • 224mm centres 264mm long
  • 288mm centres 346mm long
  • 320mm centres 376mm long
  • 10mm bar /32mm Projection


Splayed,Oval bar handle

Splayed,Oval bar handle

Splayed Oval bar handle.

Available in the following sizes & finish Brushed nickel:

WJS68660BN 160mm (C) 172mm (L) 30mm (T) 34mm (P)
WJS68624BN 224mm (C) 236mm (L) 30mm (T) 34mm (P)
WJS68620BN 320mm (C) 332mm (L) 30mm (T) 34mm (P)
WJS68684BN 384mm (C) 396mm (L) 30mm (T) 34mm (P)
WJS68680BN 400mm (C) 492mm (L) 30mm (T) 34mm (P)
SKU: SKU26760


Steel bar handle

Steel bar handle

Steel Bar handle with Zinic feet

SKU: SKU27299


T bar handle

T bar handle

T bar handles

Available in 19 sizes.

  • 128mm centres 186mm long
  • 156mm centres 226mm long
  • 160mm centres 230mm long
  • 177mm centres 237mm long
  • 184mm centres 244mm long
  • 256mm centres 326mm long
  • 277mm centres 337mm long
  • 284mm centres 344mm long
  • 327mm centres 387mm long
  • 357mm centres 426mm long
  • 377mm centres 437mm long
  • 450mm centres 510mm long
  • 456mm centres 526mm long
  • 477mm centres 537mm long
  • 595mm centres 655mm long
  • 775mm centres 835mm long
  • 860mm centres 920mm long
  • 877mm centres 937mm long
  • 1125mm centres 1185mm long
  • 12m bar
  • 10mm leg
  • 31mm projection
  • Brushed nickel finish




Black rubber & aluminimum

Black rubber & aluminimum

Black bar handle
SKU: SKU27143

save 36%

RRP: £6.99


Acrylic, bar handle, 128mm centres

Acrylic, bar handle, 128mm centres

Acrylic bar handle

Available in 3 sizes.and 2 finishes

Chrome or satin nickel

  • 128mm centres 180mm long
  • 160mm centres 212mm long
  • 224mm centres 276mm long
  • 18mm bar
  • 10mm leg
  • 40mm projection


SKU: SKU6173


Dovetail bar handle

Dovetail bar handle

Dovetail, Bar handle Aluminium bar with die-cast legs

Available in the following sizes & finish Brushed nickel:

WJS74428BN 128mm (C) 146mm (L) 26mm (T) 36mm (P)
WJS74460BN 160mm (C) 178mm (L) 26mm (T) 36mm (P)
WJS74424BN 224mm (C) 242mm (L) 26mm (T) 36mm (P)
WJS74420BN 320mm (C) 338mm (L) 26mm (T) 36mm (P)
WJS74480BN 480mm (C) 498mm (L) 26mm (T) 36mm (P)
WJS74476BN 576mm (C) 594mm (L) 26mm (T) 36mm (P)
WJS74440BN 640mm (C) 658mm (L) 26mm (T) 36mm (P)
WJS74436BN 736mm (C) 754mm (L) 26mm (T) 36mm (P)

SKU: SKU26759


Fusion, Square handle

Fusion, Square handle

Fusion, Oval handle available in 5 lengths.

WJS80860, 160mm [C] 202mm [I] 29mm [T] 29mm [P]
WJS80820, 320mm [C] 362mm [I] 29mm [T] 29mm [P]
WJS80880, 480mm [C] 522mm [I] 29mm [T] 29mm [P]
WJS80840, 640mm [C] 682mm [I] 29mm [T] 29mm [P]
WJS80836, 736mm [C] 778mm [I] 29mm [T] 29mm [P]

Available in Brushed nickel /Chrome, Chrome / Brushed satin nickel, Black chrome / Brushed satin nickel.
SKU: SKU26781123461


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